NTC - Nederlandse Taal en Cultuur or Dutch Language and Culture  

NIS provides Dutch Language and Culture lessons ("Nederlandse Taal en Cultuur lessen" / NTC) for Dutch children studying outside NIS.

We offer NTC for groep 3 – 8 Duch Primary education, year 1 -3 and higher for Secundaire education (subject to sufficient registration).
For Dutch children at our English stream primary classes, Dutch Language lessons are already incorporated in their regular education programme.

The NTC classes are meant to encourage Dutch speaking students to continue mastering their native tongue and allow for easier transition upon returning to Netherlands. NTC lessons are provided once every week for three consecutive hours and are taught by our qualified team of teachers.

If you want to have more information on our NTC program, please see our: Schoolgids.

If you want to download the final report from NTC – Inspection Visit please click on this link:

Rapport NTC VO Jakarta

Rapport NTC PO Jakarta

Inschrijfformulier NTC 2015 - 2016